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Dyestuffs & Chemicals

At the outset, we introduce ourselves as manufacturers and exporters of dyes set up in India since 1969. We have our manufacturing base at Surat in Gujarat and Corporate Headquarters in Mumbai.

Company Established in 1969 has been an ancestral business for us.

With Changing times, Technology, consistent efforts, strong determination and hard work, we have established ourselves as a reliable source for Dyestuffs & Chemicals for many companies across the globe.

Our success in the industry is built on the strong pillars of innovation, quality & dedicated customer service which provide measurable solutions. By incorporating these & other business strengths, we have boosted our capabilities to maintain high quality standards in the industry.

With Team of Technocarts backed by a strong R&D and ECO Laboratory thereby making us open to new challenges.

Corporate Values


To build a business conglomerate and an inclusive growth environment for the development of our associates, suppliers, customers and work force.


To provide a holistic customer experience by upholding R&D, innovation, customisation and quality at the highest pedestal.

Solutions For Various Applications


What is application of disperse dyes?

Disperse dyes are dyes intended for polyester, acetate, and related hydrophobic fibers. It is estimated that 85% of disperse dyes are azos or anthraquinone dyes. Disperse dye have low solubility in water, typically less than 1 mg/L. They are applied to the article as an extremely fine suspension.

Why disperse dye is so called?

Disperse dye is so called because it is non soluble and molecularly dispersed therefore dispersing agent is necessary for coloration with disperse dyes. Disperse dye is non-soluble in nature. Disperse dye is insoluble in water.

How do you use disperse dye?

Use 10-100 gm disperse dye (depending on depth of colour required) and sprinkle into 500 ml of tepid water. Stir vigorously and leave to stand for 5 minutes.

Why should we choose Colouraxis?

Colouraxis is one of the largest producers of Disperse Dyes in Mumbai and Surat in India. We have been in operations since 1969 providing quality dyes of the highest standards.

What dyes does Colouraxis manufacture?

We are primarily into manufacturing of disperse dyes and reactive dyes.

Where are you located?

We are based out of Mumbai and our manufacturing base is in Surat, Gujarat.

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