At Colouraxis our Laboratory is facility consisting of Analytical, Quality Control and Application Laboratories. In Desire of maintaining and monitoring high quality of products, the laboratory is fully equipped with modern instruments and functions round-the-clock. The Laboratory carries out all the relevant tests at various stages of product life cycle i.e. raw materials, captive intermediates, press cakes and final product along with the real time analysis of multiple samples received during production processes.

The Laboratory is also supported by an independent standards and samples storage facility. Moreover, the analysis data for every sample is recorded and maintained by an internal computerized data management system. This ensures easy traceability of products and their quality assessments. A synchronized working of all the labs and set-up of high precision instruments ensure that all the chemical testing and reports are thoroughly validated.

The laboratory is equipped with a Computerised Colour Spectrophotometer and machines like Padding Mangle, IR Dyeing Machine, Glycerine Bath Beaker Dyeing machine, Garment Dyeing Machine, Sublimation testing machine and various fastness testing machines. Supervising the laboratory is a team of qualified textile technologists with industrial experience.

Research & Development is the core strength of Colouraxis . It performs many functions to be abreast with the latest innovations in the industry and contributing some of its own.

R&D at Colouraxis is manned by a team of highly qualified experts and backed by a strong setup of instruments and lab scale plants. Our aim is to provide Dyestuff with Innovation & Care across the globe